Caroline - Linen Runner

The Caroline linen Runner is made of the finest Baltic linen.

The Runner will be embroidered with a pine twig monogram. 

Use Runners on the terrace table, on the coffee table, or the dining table. It will be a light and cozy table decor. You can also complete it with Genix Placemats or Napkins.

You can order a particular size for your table. Please get in touch with us at:



Color: Grey

Material: 100% linen

Finish: Washed and soft 

Runner manufactured of 100% linen.
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32,00 €

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Product side information

The fabric of this model is thin and light.


Depending on the washing care, you can have a different result on the table. If you choose not to tumble dry the Runner after washing, it will be sturdy when it dries naturally, which is quite convenient. Then, after washing, I suggest shaking it well, thus beautifying the shape of the product, and then drying it naturally. The product dried in this way will not even need to be ironed. It will be charming and comfortable. 


Another method is to dry the Runner in the machine. Then the product will be very soft and cute. After choosing this method, the product may need to be ironed. It depends on the load of the dryer and the selected program. Anyway, after several tries, you will be professional in this field and can enjoy your soft linen for a long time.


We manufacture products according to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


These are sustainable handmade products made only according to actual needs and other sustainability values.

Product Info

Fabrics are certified with Oeko Tex and Euro Flax certificates

100% Baltic linen


Custom Size Available

Only Paper (as we love the world we live.)

Caroline Collection


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The Caroline collection is one of the most popular. Caroline's color is very versatile and fits in all interiors. Also, the color does not change after wearing it for a long time and remains charming, which is why it is trendy among customers.

The Caroline collection includes Duvet covers, Pillowcases, Flat, Fitted sheets, and Bed Covers. You can also find Caroline's color in the Table Linen section. 

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