Victoria Collection

This double-sided 100% linen Victoria model is a combination of classic and solidity at the same time effortless modern style. This model is ideal for a child's or teenager's bedroom. The blue side of the pillow has embroidered pine twig monogram.

About Victoria Collection

This solid Victoria collection is in its seventh year and is still very popular with our customers. This time-tested design allows you to wrap your body in white Linen and enjoy a beautiful blue melange on the outside. It's beauty, aesthetics, and comfort in one. The color does not change after wearing it for a long time and remains charming.


The Victoria collection includes Duvet covers and Pillowcases. You can order the Flat and Fitted sheets in the blue Heron or white Cygna sections.


The collection also includes the same color Bedspread named Heron in the Linen Bedspreads section.

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