Grace Collection

The Grace collection is elegant and luxurious. Subtle embroidered stripes make this collection unique and extraordinary. Welcome here.

Grace - Linen Pillowcase
62,00 € From 35,00 €

About Grace Collection

We know that linen bedding can be exquisite and modern. Therefore, we created the Grace model. Three subtle stripes are embroidered on both sides of the pillows, giving them luxury and uniqueness. You can also order the embroidered Duvet cover. 


You can create a unique bedroom design with Grace, mixing it with other colors from the Genix range. Spread your imagination and be exclusive.  


The Grace collection includes embroidered Pillowcases and Duvet covers. You can order white Duvet covers, Flat and Fitted sheets in the Cygna section, or grey in the Caroline section. The grey Caroline Bedspread can also be a perfect fulfillment of the model. 

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