Heron Linen Bedspread

Quilted Heron bedspread made of 100% finest Lithuanian linen. Many people love Heron's design. Looks good in grey, brown, white, blue, and many other interiors. This bedspread is designed for daily use and can be machine-washed and dried many times. 


Collection: Heron

Product: Linen Bedspread

Color: Blue melange, which has the gray color look  

Material: 100% linen on the front and back side

Insert: Polyester for perfect moisture circulation and long-term washing and tumble drying 

Linen fabric weight: 160-170 g/sqm

Bedspread manufactured of 100% linen.

152,00 €

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More about Heron Bedspread


Many people love Heron's design. Looks good in grey, brown, white, blue, and many other interiors. 


We designed the bedspread as a decorative bed cover or a "Lazy blanket" for your night's sleep. A lazy blanket means there is no need to remove and put on the duvet cover many times to wash it. Instead, you can drop this coverlet into the washing machine and then into the drying machine, and you have a fresh and cozy blanket for your sleep again. 


We support people who want to spend their time on more valuable activities than working on their bedding. So read more books, go hiking in the mountains, or have a glass of wine with your friends instead of taking care of your sheets. 


Special sizes are possible without extra charge. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to ask questions or you want to get a discount at: info@genixhome.com


Product Info

Highest quality

100% Baltic linen

Blue melange which has gray color look  

Custom Size Available

Only Paper (as we love the world we live.)

Heron Collection


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