Hi. We are Genix



Genix is Lithuanian Bed Linen manufacturer worldwide presenting Bed Linen products made of Linen.


Linen production and processing traditions in Lithuania continue for centuries. This long experience of the country is also reflected in Genix products. Genix uses linen fabrics woven in the most modern factories of Lithuania. The fabrics are certified by the widely recognized Oeko Tex certificate.


Genix is also unique in its sewing technique, which guarantees the highest quality and durability of the products.


All products presented in this web store designed and manufactured by Genix in Lithuania and made by people who truly care.


Genix products made of luxurious and natural Linen fabric are perfectly suited for those who love healthy lifestyle, premium quality and naturalness.


Genix is trusted by business partners and customers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Italy, Saudi Arabia, USA, South Korea and many other countries. Join our community.