Heron Classic - Linen Pillowcase

Bold, relaxed, and comfortable Heron model created for your extraordinary everyday life. Pillowcases embroidered with pine twig monogram.

The standard closure for Heron pillowcases is a flap. Zipper or button closures are also possible without extra charge. 



Color: Blue melange (gray look)

Material: 100% linen 

Finish: Washed and soft

Bedlinen manufactured of 100% linen.

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More about Heron Pillowcase

This Heron model is made of the finest Baltic linen. The fabric color is amazing and fits everywhere. Sometimes we argue what is the Heron color, gray or blue. The tread used in this fabric is blue, but when mixed with white, the color gets a gray look. That's why it is so versatile and loved among our customers. 

We use unique sewing techniques, so your product will always keep its shape.

If you want to keep your linen soft, use the drying machine for your bedding. Just do not overdry. After several tries, you will be professional in this field and can enjoy your soft linen for a long time. 

Mix Heron color with white Cygna or gray Caroline. Even brown Jungle color can be an excellent choice to mix the colors and get an original look.  

Product Info

Fabrics are certified with Oeko Tex and Euro Flax certificates

100% Baltic linen

Color: Blue melange (gray look)

Custom Size Available

Only Paper (as we love the world we live.)

Heron Collection - Proudly made in Lithuania

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Heron with buttons

You can also choose pillowcases from Heron with Buttons collection. The visible buttons provide more charm and may fit with wood elements in your bedroom. 


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The Heron collection is one of the most popular. Heron color is very versatile and fits in all interiors. Also, the color does not change after wearing it for a long time and remains charming, which is why it is trendy among customers.

The Heron collection consists of Duvet covers, Pillowcases, Flat, Fitted sheets, and Bed Covers. You can also find Heron color in the Table Linen section. 

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