Linen Coverlets


Welcome to new Genix Home Linen Coverlets site. We are very pleased to present you our new Linen Coverlets collection. 

When we started to test these quilted linen coverlets, we realized that there is a great opportunity to use them as a blanket for a night's sleep. No-one likes to remove and put on the duvet cover many times to wash itAnd here you can simply drop this  linen coverlet in to the washing machine then to the drying machine and you have fresh and soft blanket for your sleep again.  So if you like to spend your time on more valuable activities, then we have good option for you. 

Genix linen coverlets made with careful attention to details, hand made finish and perfect quality. Enjoy! 


If you have any questions about the size or other feel free to contact us by email:

NEW! Quilted linen coverlet Scotia

NEW! Quilted linen coverlet Caroline

NEW! Quilted linen coverlet Jungle

NEW! Quilted linen coverlet Heron